Project Description

Project Name Parsian Gas Refinery (EPC)
Contract Number 991030
Client National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC)
Main Contractor(s) Payandan
Duration 45 Months
Start Date June 2003
Completion Date Mar.2007
Location Lamerd- Fars Province


Project Description

The project is in form of EPC (in cooperation with IPMI) for 43 MMCM/D gas treating plant in Lamerd (South of Iran) which includes slug catcher, separation, dehydration, Hg removal, LPG extraction and fractionation units, receiving facilities, chilling units, butane and propane storages, metering and VRU compressor units in order to produce following products :

450,000 ton/year propane, 310,000 ton/year butane, 11 MM BBL/year condensate (C5+), 850,000 ton/year ethane and 1520 MMSCFD lean gas.

Main parts of the work consist of installation of 8,500 tons steel structures, 4,000 tons mechanical equipment, 200,000 in-dia. piping, 330 km cabling for instrument and electrical system, 40,000 m³ concrete and 32,000 m² building.

In continuous of the project, some extra work was awarded to Payandan Co. which consists of water and wastewater network & treatment plant, internal gas distribution network, lighting system, electrical network for buildings, fire fighting system and new outlet gas pipeline.