Project Description

Project Name 56” Dezfoul- Kouhdasht Gas Pipeline (PC)-IGAT VI
Contract Number 790824
Client National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC)
Main Contractor(s) Payandan
Duration 11 Months
Start Date Feb.2015
Completion Date Jan.2015
Location Khouzestan & Lorestan Provinces


Project Description

This project is part of IGAT VI starts from Dezfoul for 160 km and ends at Kouhdasht in PC bases contracted with NIGC.

Total volume of 8 million square meters of soil and rock has been removed from job site which contains 75% rocky grounds.

From the work’s point of view and precision in mountainous region, this was very important and sensitive to reduce the execution time schedule from 600 days to 330 days in order to purge the gas on Christmas 2016.

Procured materials consist of 3LPE coating material, valves, fittings, heat shrinkable sleeve, cathodic protection equipment & consumable material.

Main parts of the project consist of 160  km 56” pipeline work, 1 branching station,
6 mainline valve stations, 1 launcher station, 1 receiver station, 2 C.P. stations, 30km power line and 2 hot-tap inter connections.