human resources

Payedan Company with a firm belief in a transcendent, evolving and skilled human resource, which is one of the main assets of any organization,  considers the secret of its success to be the following principles and principles


  • Employees’ faith in the sacred nature of Almighty Almighty that without His care nothing will be established.
  • Respect for ethics, human values, the rights of others and the preservation of Islamic rites.
  • A sense of responsibility, perseverance, and communal intimacy, backed by expertise and vigilance.
  • P.H.D 1%
    Masters Degree 14%
    Undergraduate 58%
    Other 27%

    Paydan Payroll Company is committed to recruiting qualified and dedicated people to its strategic development of human resources and by providing equal employment opportunities for the graduates as well as fair and scientific recruitment systems, has created and always has a distinguished expert and management body. Has been developed.