In line with the increasing development of national and large-scale civil engineering projects by local companies, a scientific and engineering approach is needed to control projects and increase efficiency and thus economize on these operations. Since machinery plays an essential role in most construction projects, expert attention to its management can be considered as one of the appropriate solutions to reduce the cost of implementing construction projects in project management planning. Machines today play an important role in how execution, cost and speed of completion of construction projects are concerned. The presence of state-of-the-art machinery with high capabilities enables the field to design and execute large projects.

Payedan Company is active in oil and gas projects such as transmission lines and oil, gas and petrochemical refineries.

  • Specialized machines (sidewall, pipe bending, crane tower, automatic welding machine, etc.)
  • Construction machinery (excavator, loader, bulldozer, grader, etc.)
  • Heavy and semi-heavy machinery (types of truck, dump truck, mixer, tanker, tractor, concrete pump, crane, etc.)
  • Light Cars (Typical Passenger and Dual Pickup Types)
  • Equipment (generator, compressor, welding motor, etc.)

Considering that one of the effective factors in the profitability of the implementation of large development projects of the country, reducing the cost of machinery is an appropriate solution to increase the efficiency and thus the desired profitability, thus increasing the efficiency of the machinery. And reducing their running costs is the inevitable use of standard maintenance methods. With the scientific and engineering approach to machinery, as well as the organization and management of information-based principles, the costs of machine tools can be significantly reduced, resulting in the benefit of projects.

Payedan ​​is one of the few companies that uses integrated web-based maintenance software to control how all machines are maintained, providing timely services and emergency repairs to increase accessibility and efficiency and reduce crash rates. Machinery and equipment have also played a key role in controlling and reducing the cost of maintaining assets, as well as controlling fuel costs, repairs, insurance, and so on. Payandan Machinery Support Unit has been responsible for all of the above in line with the company’s policy, goals and strategy, and has been making every effort to advance the company’s goals and satisfy customers as well as protect the environment.